Le Bonheur in Provence Rosé WINE

Le Bonheur in Provence, have you heard about it? The issue is clear, add wonderfull climate, protected environnement, friends and a nice rosé wine, here you are!

Wherever you may be, just enjoy this cuvée from Provence. Thomas Carteron has blent delicate fragrances, smooth and thin aromas, in this very typical bottle from Provence. This famous bottle is called Flute à corset, evoking sensualism and femininity out of this beautiful rosé wine.


-86/100 at Wine Enthusiast 2015

Le Bonheur is a rosé blend, greedy and dry, made out of grapes coming from the Triangle d’Or of the Var region, close to Pierrefeu-du-Var and Toulon.

The Cuvée Le Bonheur is a typical blend of Grenache (50%), Cinsault (40%), Shiraz (5%), Carignan (5%), with an authentic character of the terroir of Provence, held with a high technical precision.

The vines are cultivated using traditional methods. The yields are limited in order to concentrate every fragrance. Each task is carried out with care and quality (pruning, de-budding and the harvesting of each).

Vinification is carried out with the temperature controlled, in order to avoid too much colour being extracted from the grapes, as well as to preserve aromas and tannins. Skin contact maceration is carried out depending on the grape variety (especially short and cold with Shiraz) Alcoholic fermentation is temperature-controlled. The wine then undergoes a light fining using only mineral products. Sterile filtration at bottling.

This rosé brings you into the happy spirit of Saint-Tropez and reminds you what may be happiness / Le Bonheur.

– Le Bonheur PROVENCE rose wine-

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of this rosé wine: Le Bonheur

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12 ,5 % ALC by VOL . – 2 0 1 5


Appelation Côtes de Provence (DPO)


  • The hue is pale, light. It has clear salmon tints, typical of the Grenache grape variety, with a dash of soft pink, due to Syrah.

  • The nose is rich, greedy and fresh. There are notes of citrus fruits, then peach, then strawberry and blackcurrant, held by Carignan.

  • The supple palate envelops you. This wine has a pleasant finish; it is well balanced and clean, with flavours of strawberry and jam of apricot.

    Global atmosphere is fruity, greedy and pleasant.



Aperitifs with antipasti, toasts of tapenade, grilled chicken and lamb, sausages, pork ribs.nService at 8-10°C.

Further information

Thomas Carteron has invested all his time and energy in the exciting world of wine for over ten years.  As a Propriétaire-récoltant, négociant, he has successfully combined  high quality standards, a love of work well done,  and undeniable creativity.
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Discover the charm of Le Bonheur®, transport yourself instantly to Provence and the shores of the Mediterranean.